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An undisputed leader in men’s fashion, with an unrivalled heritage, Salvatore Ferragamo has done it again. The recent reorganisation of the house with new creative directions for Shoes, Men as well as the Women’s collections, has proved incredibly positive. Guillame Meilland’s approach was self-evident in the recent MFW show- adapting the classic men’s fashion items […]

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You live you learn they say – well it’s my turn! Last week I attended an event with CasinoEuro and I had the opportunity to take part in an online tournament something that I had never done before! CasinoEuro is growing and they make it possible to have access to an online casino for most […]

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How can simplicity be so attractive? Perhaps it’s the space it provides for comfort, and so the harmony that may come with it. BOSS has managed to make simplicity in tailoring so captivating. In the Summer of Ease, the new BOSS Menswear Collection Spring/Summer 2018, they have exported the breeze of a mellow summer’s day […]

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L’uomo. What does it mean to be a man these days? Having the confidence to be true to yourself, to be bold to trace the path that you choose. Looking back to the L’uomo global campaign, I feel blessed that Gianfranco Ferré entrusted in me, to encapsulate the direction, the attitude that their fragrance was […]

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AAfter a strong dose of summer relaxation I touch back down in London! Back to my busy days and packed schedules for this seasons London Fashion Week Men’s. An exciting season with lots of promising talent. This time around I am staying at the Trafalgar hotel which is currently being renovated and will be opening […]

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I love everything about the summer. Even the heat. Perhaps, most of all the heat. The warmth of the sun. The ‘summer holidays’ planning. The packing. Endless possibilities all brought about and experienced under a loving sun. My recent trip to Rio, and my stay at Villa Santa Teresa transformed the beginning of my summer […]

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What does it mean to celebrate a birthday? Celebrating numbers. Those numbers correspond to life lived. To experiences had. To thoughts thought, to friends made, to dreams created. I chose to celebrate all that this year in all its entirety. It was a unique experience because I was also celebrating my 30th and in the […]

The Hallmark
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What is authentic? One can be authentic intellectually, as well as materially. When minds come together, to forge something new, something which is so discernible from the rest, that is authentic. When Science and Art come together, that is authentic. The Personal is authentic. All the above come together in the Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series. […]

The Scent of Spring
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What is it about Spring that makes us look into the future? The strong connection to nature and our surroundings transformed to higher heights with all the vibrant scents and percolating colours around. I don’t even mind the grey, or the rain, it’s all part of the same thing – regeneration and growth. Spring to […]