Lines of symmetry

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_V0A8448_V0A8340_V0A8251 _V0A8315-2_V0A8427_V0A8494-2New York, New York (So good they named it twice)” was Gerard Kenny’s words ( a song he composed and performed in 1978) and he was absolutely right! New York without a doubt was a major source of inspiration for uncountable creatives, artists and musicians  but more importantly today continues to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. New York needs no further introduction. It is still wild at heart but beautiful inside and outside.

In this story Williamsburg Bridge, connecting what’s now Brooklyn’s most notoriously hipster neighbourhood and lower Manhattan, acts as the perfect symmetrical backdrop here in New York for my outfit while crossing across town. I hope you will enjoy the story and this outstanding Hardy Amies suit paired with a Sandro bomber jacket to keep warm.

Suit: Hardy Amies,  Jacket and Boots: Sandro, Shirt and tie: Brooks Brothers, Tie clip: John Varvatos,Sunglasses: The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear available at

Photos: Gleeson Paulino


  • kurt

    ahhh the blue matching the red at the background and the bridge perfectly ! and love the casual sporty coat matching the big busy city scene as well. the casual jacket and the amazing fitted sharp looking suit contrasts, is exactly what i am looking for ! amazing amazing ! please keep it up !

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    Kurt from Australia

  • Impeccable as always. Love the photography in this post.