Man of Today


During my last weekend in London I had a truly delightful time at the No.11 Cadogan Gardens. I also took the opportunity to photograph this story in their inimitable library for BOSS Parfums. They asked me to create something for this holiday season, and I actually do think BOSS BOTTLED is a great fragrance, one that I use often. 
 Truly, with its sharp yet warm woody base, BOSS BOTTLED fragrance remains a timeless and dynamic part of my daily routine. Since it launched in 1998, it has been a staple of success for men, more than 15 years epitomising contemporary manhood with it’s elegant, spicy accords and timeless flacon design. A true classic fragrance to complete your style and an exceptional example of a finely judged balance between personality and wearability. It is the scent that complements a gentleman, the successful Man of Today, and a unique gift to look forward to this season. Buy it here: BOSS BOTTLED
Outfit: All by BOSS Hugo Boss
Photos: Alice Zielasko