Just before Spring…

Peak Lapel Three-piece Suit: Reiss, Jacket: Sandro Paris, Shoes: Pollini, Shirt: Reiss, Knitted Tie: Club Monaco, Umbrella: Pasotti Obrelli,  Sunglasses: Mito-PieroCiocari
Photos: Will Cabral
I’m almost certain that everyone is clamouring for spring lately and probably the last thing you want to look at is another post reminding you that is still cold, windy and wet out in the real world. But I’m really excited about this outfit post! First things first, I’m wearing my new SS14 three-piece suit by Reiss. I haven’t worn a suit with a matching vest for years… they’ve been out of fashion for a while, haven’t they? But it seems to be a good option in warmer days (to come) as you can take off your jacket and still maintain a sense of formality in shirtsleeves. 
I’m also very excited to share with you all my new discovery Pasotti Obrelli, an Italian brand producing handmade umbrellas since 1956. My very own greyhound umbrella has become an essential piece of my everyday outfit. Lastly but not least, my   purchase from Sandro Paris, the camel Parka that will keep me warm in cold days but not overheat me in mid-range temperatures.