Forest Green

Suit: Z Zegna, Coat: Carven, Shirt: Ted Baker, Scarf: Ermenegildo ZegnaMosca Pin: Antonio Bernardo, Tie: TrashnessAnkle Boots: Church’s, Wool Forest Green Wide Brim Fedora Hat:
Photos: Jake Lewis
In the past week I have entirely given up on shooting my outfits in this cold, miserable and wet weather. I can sit here and complain all day about my tragical attempts of running after the  sunlight or the times I waited in the rain hoping it might stop. Honestly, I dress for the weather, but when it comes to taking pictures the weather elements must reach to an agreement and set the mood. I bet you heard this before. But so long as my vision is strong, there is no end to my struggle to present you only the best.   
In this story by Jake Lewis, I’m wearing a Z Zegna dark navy suit  with a double breasted Carven jacket buttoned on top. The camouflage tie and my forest green hat add great ‘flavour’ to the look.