Charlie Noble Giveaway

Guess what… this weekend The Gentleman Blogger teamed up with Charlie Noble – a robustly British brand offering a unique range of luxury handmade accessories for stylish gents. The Charlie Noble range includes exquisite quality steel boule, a stunning pair of bats worthy of being played with by the most glamorous gents, as well as a luxurious leather bag to carry them. 
A lucky reader will receive this handmade set of Charlie’s bats, out of Canadian maple and American walnut, perfect for a gentleman that loves the beach as much as I do. 
All you have to do is follow The Gentleman Blogger on instagram  and leave a comment below to say what’s your favourite holiday destination. 
Deadline to enter is Monday, January 20th at 8AM. The winner will be announced Tuesday, January 21st.  Good luck!

The winner is Jennifer Garcia 

  • My favourite holiday destination is Paxoi islands in Greece – the best of Greece combined with an Italian touch. And the most incredible Mediterranean beaches ever.

  • Top on my list right now would be St. Tropez. Best gents blog keep up the good work.

  • My favourite holiday destination has to be Capri Island. I fell in love with this beautiful place for the first time when I watched the movie Contempt (Le Mepris) the scene in Capri had made me read and learn more about the place and definitely on top of my holiday destination list!

  • F.S

    My favourite holiday destination is the Maldives. I have literally fallen in love with the opulent luxurious white sandy beaches 🙂

  • Gary H.

    My favourite holiday destination is Bali. No words can explain why I find this place inexplicably magical…

  • I love California. Never went there actually but it has always been my dream destination 🙂

  • Jennifer Garcia

    Dreaming about Brazil but for me it will always be London and again London – and these Charle Nobles will be perfect for my first Hampstead Heath picnic 😉 x

  • Anonymous

    My favourite destination is Lake Como. Stylish yet unspoiled.
    Marco Vittare
    L’UOMMO Italia

  • My favorite destination is Banff national park and Yosemite national park. It is present the beauty of God. I am going to dc cherry blossom tours to enjoy the spring holidays. Cherry blossom is the spring festival and many people use this tour to see the beautiful creation of God.