Txai Itacaré

The word Txai, inspired by the Indigenous kaxinawa language, means companion. It symbolizes the attitude of friendship that Txai’s staff adopt while receiving guests at the resort.  In fact, a way that no other place has treated me before. 
Last Friday, I visited Itacaré with a friend of mine and spent three days in a cozy bungalow at Txai Resort. The bungalow was few steps from the sand and combined maximum comfort with the luxury of rustic simplicity of Brazilian deco. It was the perfect setting to soothe the mind and stimulate the senses to the beauty of life. 
I was also very glad to hear that Txai Itacaré Resort interacts perfectly with nature in a responsible and sustainable way, respecting and welcoming the region. The endless sea, the palm trees, the fruits, the flavours, the flowers and roots set the tone of a rare beauty of this part of Brazil and must be protected. 
It was an unforgettable experience as every effort was made for each simple moment to be experienced like no other. The unique Txai experience!