Sunday, 22 December 2013

A for Antonio Bernardo

Antonio Bernardo began jewels in the 1970's. The creation of the Mosca pin (fly pin) was his first creation driven by his creative freedom and pinpoints the beginning of a successful career, with which his creations continuously receive awards from all over the world. 

Last week, I was invited to visit Antonio's flagship store in Ipanema (which is beautifully designed) and  had a surprise guided tour at the atelier by the designer himself. 

The jewels of Antonio Bernardo emerge from wielding conceptual models (usually using paper or metal) and span the fields of artistic restlessness and contemporary design. His motivation to create comes from the beauty seen in a gem, the cognitive derivation of a word, by observing individuals and social behaviours, as well as from the plastic investigation of surprising shapes. 

In the same manner, Antonio Bernardo jewels create movement, explore the interior, the exterior, the concave and the convex of the jewel, and suggest interaction with whoever is wearing it, as in the Puzzle Ring as well as the Together bracelet

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