More than 2 million people are expected at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach tonight to honour the African goddess of the sea, Yemanja. Last year, I was fortunate enough to be in Rio and celebrate New Year’s Eve at the beach. Unfortunately this year I’m catching a flight back to London in few hours (via […]

Photos: Michael Armentano  Linen White Shirt: Richard’s, Shorts: OpenStudio, Recycled Pirarucú skin shoes : Osklen  Location: Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort,  Barra de São Miguel , Brazil We all have those moments when we know that if we do not make a change right now we will come to look back with way to many “what if’s”. It was […]

Photo: Adam Tannous for “London 100, A Gentleman’s Guide” available to purchase at Location: The Sloane Suite, No.11 Cadogan Gardens  Suit and shirt: Dolce & Gabbana A Merry Christmas to all! Fill up your life with love, peace, good will and happiness. May your days be bright and joyful, and may this Christmas mark the […]

Antonio Bernardo began jewels in the 1970’s. The creation of the Mosca pin (fly pin) was his first creation driven by his creative freedom and pinpoints the beginning of a successful career, with which his creations continuously receive awards from all over the world.  Last week, I was invited to visit Antonio’s flagship store in […]

Outfit snaps: Michael ArmentanoSuit: Custom Made, Recycled Pirarucú skin shoes : Osklen  I’m certain that God is Brazilian! Close your eyes and allow yourself to emerge from the confines of your mind. Imagine a place of tranquility and balance. A sanctuary where the smallest details have been carefully considered to be intimate without being intrusive. A place for you to escape to that embraces […]

Shirt: Reiss, Shorts: OpenStudio, Tenis Bossanova Tela Crochet: Osklen, Panama hat: Ecuador Photos: Michael Armentano Yesterday while driving to Maceió, the largest city of the coastal state Alagoas and my final destination, we had to visit Praia do Saco for few hours. Although we drove through neighborhoods with beautiful landscaping of palm trees and lakes, Praia do Saco was the […]


The word Txai, inspired by the Indigenous kaxinawa language, means companion. It symbolizes the attitude of friendship that Txai’s staff adopt while receiving guests at the resort.  In fact, a way that no other place has treated me before.    Last Friday, I visited Itacaré with a friend of mine and spent three days in a cozy bungalow at Txai Resort. The […]

White Linen Shirt: Richards, Black Linen Trousers and Tenis Bossanova Tela Crochet: Osklen, Sky Blue Candomblé Beads Outfit snaps: Michael Armentano From Rio to Salvador, to Itacaré, from historic centres to heavenly made beaches; that’s the way I celebrate my life. Because the more tastes and experiences in your life, the more there is in life to […]

Shirt: OneStudio, Shorts: Reiss, Tenis Bossanova Tela Crochet: Osklen, Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross, Panama hat: Ecuador, Handmade Straw Bag from Feira de Sao Joaquim Market, Salvador.  Salvador da Bahia has always been one of the destinations that I wanted to visit in Brazil. Also known as Brazil’s capital of happiness or the city of All Saints, Salvador is […]

Photos: Gleeson Paulino Suit and Waistcoat: Joao Pimenta, Shirt: Custom Made, Pocket Square: KYDOS, Loafers: Gucci, Leather Wallet: Aspinal of London Last night I had the great pleasure to stay at Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana, located at the city’s most famous street: Avenida Atlântica. The hotel was elected “hotel of the year” in 2008, by […]