Truth & Dare

Suit: Reiss, Shirt: Emmett London, Tie: Salvatore Ferragamo, Pocket Square: Reiss
Photos: Gleeson Paulino 

Gleeson Paulino is without any doubt one of the most talented self-taught photographers that I know. We met at a party in London 6 years ago and since then I followed his career throughout the years. He now lives in Sao Paulo and works as a freelance photographer.  We got together in the morning with ice latte’s and I was very happy to hear what he got accomplished. Gleeson’s work never ceases to amaze me. Neither does his genesiously talent in challenging the norms.  Finally, I couldn’t be more excited to share this story of “Truth & Dare” and I hope you will like it as much as I do. 
Thank you for inspiring me.
  • This suit is amazing, I love its color.
    I also really like the pictures, especially the ones in the pool!!

  • Great Suit, amazing view and very nice pictures.

  • Jaw literally dropped when I came to the photo of you in the water in your suit. Hope you’re enjoying the trip! xx

    • Aw Jen! I will not do it again, thats for sure! Hope you are well! xx

  • Anonymous

    Yes check 😉 you know who

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  • London brought me two beautiful and talented friends. I’m so proud. Love you.

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  • Great, great photos, but was the suit and tie ruined or were the fixable?

  • Tie pin / clip definitely needs to make an appearance, suit is slightly too baggy also, fitted more to the body would really work!
    Nice Photos!


  • I also missed critiqued on last comment, looking at the photos the images are slightly lacking in terms of composition! (look around the head area, more often than not there is something coming out of it)

    • Allow me to disagree with you. I find the pictures rich in terms of composition. Also, tie pin made an appearance in older posts.. and suit is not tailored therefore slightly baggy but allows me to breath in Brazil!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I love the story and you in the water is uhhmazing!

  • Did this ruin the Reiss suit? I work as a costume designer in Boston, MA and have done a show where the whole cast got wet each night. It was a mess trying to bring the guys suits back to life. We managed it though for the run of the show! Great pics!